KCBH-FM Beverly Hills
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The KCBH-FM Tower high atop Beverly Hills on Briarcrest Peak.
The KCBH-FM Tower sat on Briarcrest Peak above Beverly Hills at 1,550 feet.
The tower, which was at least 250 feet high, stands on that mountain to this day, thus
reaching over 1800 feet above sea level. Located just above famous Mulholland Drive, It can be seen
from both the Los Angeles Basin and the San Fernando Valley. Our 75,000 watt stereo signal was
propelled by the salt water of the Pacific Ocean and was heard from BaJa Mexico to Santa Barbara, California.

Marv Collins
Above: Announcer Marv Collins at the controls.

Marv Collins
Marv Collins, who started at KCBH-FM in 1954 later
went over to KPOL 1540-AM in 1957.

Rog Martin
Rog Martin, who was the first DeeJay
to host his Top Forty program in stereo
during the late 1960s over KCBH-FM.

Hamilton Williams
Hamilton Williams, Classical Host,
who announced the legendary program
Concerto From Coldwater Canyon to all of
Los Angeles weeknights at 8:00PM.

Doug Nelson
Doug Nelson on the Board at 98.7

John Davis
John Davis, Chief Engineer, involved from
the start of KCBH-FM in 1954 to the finish in 1970.

Don Steele
Real Don Steele on KCBH-FM,
his first radio job ever, between
late-1959 and mid-1960.

Sissy, the owners' beagle
and KCBH-FM mascot.

The award!
A Citation of Merit issued to KCBH by
HI/FI Stereo Review magazine in 1964.

The Control Room
The KCBH-FM Control Room where
the announcers sat and our programs aired.
Note the announcer's mike, the reel-to-reel audio
tape deck that contained some commercials,
the FCC Station Log, the Empire turntables
and the General Electric control board.

Western Union Telegram
"Above Telegram was sent to the FCC informing them
that we went on the air May 27, 1948 as KMGM-FM
(and later in 1954 as KCBH-FM), Los Angeles.
Permission was later granted by the FCC to announce
on the air that we were in prestigious Beverly Hills,
considering our station's very close proximity to the
Beverly Hills City Limits. Credit for that was proudly
obtained by Arthur and Jean Crawford who bought
the station from KMGM-FM in 1952. They had owned
Crawfords of Beverly Hills Record and Hi-FI store
at 456 N. Rodeo Drive where so many of the stars